Even Gangnam Style Can’t Keep Sandy from Spiking Food Prices

PSY, may I just say, that you have made it. Not only have you conquered the international music charts, you’ve infiltrated an international natural disaster. And for that, I thank you.

It’s nice to have some comic relief in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Although, I’m admittedly getting a bit worried about what effect the storm will have on the price of food.  Haiti is already anticipating increases after the significant losses in crops across the country.

Sure, Haiti is Haiti.  In other words, it ain’t the US.  But let’s be serious, Sandy did a great job of rearranging our main ports and slapping around the Northeast’s farmland.  I’m hopeful that the Earth is just trying to find a happy medium.  First, it was the drought this past summer–the worst in a quarter century–that was rumored to make food prices explode beyond the reaches of my modest purse strings and now this, the biggest Atlantic hurricane on record.

Oh, the irony.

For now, I’ve decided to let all this food price business sit on the back burner while I blissfully (and deliberately forgetfully) continue to put delicious food in my mouth.  As long as I can afford to.


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